Lift Rumah Sakit WEICH WH106


Ceiling : CD569A (Aluminium), Acrylic, Sheet, LED Light, Anion air cleaner
Wall : Hairline-Finished Stainless Steel, Hairline-Etched Stainless Steel
(SE2302), Wall Protector (Hairline-Finished Stainless Steel)
Transom : Hairline-Finished Stainless Steel
Car Doors : Hairline-Etched Stainless Steel (SE2302)
Operating Panel : OPP-N241B (Hairline-Finished Stainless Steel)
Indicator : Deluxe Type (PI-D110)
Handrail : Stainless Bar, Hairline
Flooring : Polyvinyl Tile (TN2224C, TN2227C)


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